Dogcatcher Workshop

Other Calls and Call Accessories

Here are some of our other calls that we have made in the past.  These are examples of some of our work, if interested in anything please contact us using the information on the contact page.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.  Custom orders are welcomed.  We have some exotic woods in stock and can order just about anything else.   For custom orders please use the contact page.


My signature deer grunt flute, an original call design that I started in the early 1980's and it has evolved into this shape.  It has a deeper tone than the commercial versions, more of a mature buck sound.

This set is out of cocobolo, a deer grunt flute and a closed reed shotgun predator call.  The closed reed is a modified duck call, one of a kind homemade toneboard, capable of doing jackrabbit with a kicker of cottontail distress.


Slate turkey calls, are also available along with extra strikers.  A tried and true method of calling in the wild turkey.  This call is made of oak and the strikers are made of cherry and walnut.


Our key rings, made from real brass and bullets,  We have the dies and supplies for most of the common calibers.  These in the photo are 308, 223, and 45.  Ask about any other caliber you might want, we may just have the dies, brass and bullets.

Our coyote/critter drags.  Hand braided from 550 para cord to last a lifetime.  Available with steel rings or hangman's knot.

Our lanyards can be custom ordered to your specifications with as many drops as you want.  This one was made for a dog handler with a clip for his remote and a side clip for his whistle.

Future calls for wood ducks and hawk screamers.  Mostly made from maple and then dyed before finishing.